Bearded Octopus, Aloha Festival, Wild West Steampunk Con, Disco Fries at El Hefe, Carnaval El├ęctrico, and Devoured Over the Weekend

Bearded Octopus at Gypsy Bar, 3/9/13

Although there may not have been any lions, tigers, or elephants about, CityScape nightspot Gypsy Bar definitely boasted a circus-like aura on Saturday, March 9, during Bearded Octopus. Party promoter Jen Deveroux assembled three ring's worth of big top characters and creatives for the event, including striptease sirens from Scandalesque and plenty of out-there artwork.

Daredevil performance artists Jeremy Kinison and Candy Pants of the Cut Throat Freak Show also entertained and astounded with their sideshow-like antics, as did the troupe's array of performers, including Harvey Gross (a.k.a. "The Grossest Man in Sideshow"), Hermie the Alternative Balloon Twister, and pro wrestling magician The Shocker.

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Claire Lawton
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