Phoenix artist Bob Booker, who spent 40 years in arts administration.
Phoenix artist Bob Booker, who spent 40 years in arts administration.
Elizabeth Grajales

Museum Association of Arizona Honors Bob Booker

The Museum Association of Arizona recently awarded Bob Booker with its Roger Lidman Distinguished Service Award.

Booker served as executive director for Arizona Commission on the Arts from 2006 to 2017, before retiring from a 40-year career in arts administration.

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The award is named for the late Roger Lidman, a longtime director for Pueblo Grande Museum who also served on the board of directors for several arts and cultural organizations.

Booker is the fourth person who's won the award, which recognizes outstanding contributions to museums, communities, and professional cultural organizations.

Prior recipients include James Ballinger, who served more than three decades as director for Phoenix Art Museum.

“The Museum of Arizona Association chose Bob for the award because of his generosity of his time and talent, providing Arizona museums with guidance and support as it has developed its own advocacy efforts,” says Janice Klein, executive director for the group.

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