Bob Booker announced his retirement today.EXPAND
Bob Booker announced his retirement today.
Courtesy of Arizona Commission on the Arts

Bob Booker Is Retiring from Arizona Commission on the Arts

Robert "Bob" Booker will retire as executive director for Arizona Commission on the Arts effective August 7, 2017. Booker made the announcement by press release on Wednesday, May 24.

Arizona Commission for the Arts is one of 56 state and jurisdictional arts agencies across the United States. It works to strengthen Arizona communities through research, grantmaking, strategic partnerships, and programs for artists and other community members.

Booker has served as its executive director for more than a decade. His accomplishments include creating the innovative Art Tank program, which allowed community members to participate in choosing grant recipients who made public pitches for their projects.

Jaime Dempsey, who currently serves as the agency’s deputy director, will become its executive director following Booker’s retirement.

Correction: A photo caption on a previous version of this article erroneously stated that Booker was pictured with his wife. The woman was Elizabeth Grijalva of the Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture.

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