Charles Barkley Phoenix Suns Jersey at Cellar Door Vintage

Gem features one standout piece from a local shop. Whether it's a jacket, necklace, or handbag, it's on our have-to-have list.

What: It's hard to explain our unique brand of all-out affection for ex-Suns star Charles "The Round Mound of Rebound" Barkley, but, boy, did our eyes light up upon discovering a Sir Charles Jersey at newly opened vintage shop Cellar Door last week. (We also happened upon some Lakers ephemera at CDV, but there's no way those SoCal jerks would ever end up on Gem.)

Where: Cellar Door Vintage

Cost: $35

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Style It: Elevate this sporty piece with on-trend high-top sneakers in glitter and suede from Jimmy Choo, Les Chiffoniers drawstring leather pants, a Stella McCartney tuxedo jacket. Accessorize with a Lanvin clutch covered in orange sequins and a Rosantica necklace of coral paste beads.

Charles Barkley Phoenix Suns Jersey at Cellar Door Vintage
Shwood Sunglasses at Hard Goods Co.
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