CrossFit: Nine Spots to Check Out the Olympian Workout in Phoenix

All gyms are not created equal. If the high-tech treadmills and state-of-the-art weight training equipment haven't brought expected results, CrossFit could be the answer.

Military special operations and police academies have turned to CrossFit gyms since 2005, and mainstream versions of the workout routine have multiplied to the thousands since 2010. 

The high-impact, low machine-use system brings chiseled results to the Valley.

Check out nine local CrossFit resources after the jump ... 

The conditioning system is a blend of weights, kettlebell, gymnastics, powerlifts, and sprints to burn fat and create muscle at quite literally insane rates, and a caveman-like diet. 

Fair warning: CrossFit is not for the light-pocketed. Monthtly rates average $100+ per month, but the first class is free at almost any gym in the Valley, so a taste can't hurt -- metaphorically. Here are nine local resources to get you started: 

Phoenix Proper

9. Core CrossFit
825 N. 7th St.
Understanding that this workout is no hour at L.A. Fitness, the downtown Phoenix location offers Neuromuscular Release Therapy (NRT). As CrossFit is the steroid-injected version of weight training, NRT is of the traditional massage.

8. CrossFit Full Strength
3853 E. Thomas Rd.
To keep you updated at home, the central Phoenix location offers a Workout of the Day on their site so the torture can be brought home for a change.


7. CrossFit Scottsdale
14885 N. 83rd Pl., Suite 102
Boasting many awards on their home page, they also offer kiddy courses for the little ones and five variations of classes to fit members' personal levels.

6. Cactus CrossFit
7038 E. 5th Ave.
For the shy ones, not immediately willing to give it their all in front of the skilled crowd, a free, private introduction is offered.


5. CrossFit Southwest
2027 E. Cedar St.
The oldest Arizonan affiliate, these troopers have been around since 2005, just after the creation of this program. Proud to have no A/C, sweating shouldn't be a problem in this joint. Also, because, you know, you'll be lifting tires and such.
5025 S. Ash Ave., Suite 12
With recipes posted regularly on their sites, the nutrition portion of this lifestyle is easier to keep up with. They also support Barbells for Boobs, a weightlifting competition to raise awareness for breast cancer.

Southeast Valley 

6170 W. Chandler Blvd.
A location accessible for the suburbs, their site also includes a simplified diet to transition home meal plans.

2. Firebird CrossFit
535 W. Iron Dr., Suite 112
With no open gym, structured classes are the main focus of this gym. Their Facebook is regularly updated on new workouts and classes.

1. Ahwatukee CrossFit
3145 E. Chandler Blvd., Suite 112
It's "the premiere women's only CrossFit gym in the world" if you haven't heard yet. Sorry, fellas. Maybe you can watch?

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