Martyn Ashton pulls a back flip on a carbon road bike in his new online video.
Martyn Ashton pulls a back flip on a carbon road bike in his new online video.
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Cycle: GoPro Announces a New Camera, Brit Does Flips on a Carbon Road Bike

Last week's announcement of GoPro's newest-latest action capture HD camera, the Hero 3 Black,  means that a whole new wave of bike or helmet mounted videos will be hitting the internets, now in glistening, crystal clear 4K resolution.

That's right, this little box of a camera, which will cost a penny under $400 and includes a remote control, is about to turn the extreme video production world on its head, or at least give Jerry Seinfeld a much higher resolution for season two of "Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee."

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In addition to the ultra high-definition video picture, the unit will take 12 megapixel stills and transmit all captures via wi-fi and comes packaged with a waterproof housing and basic mounting claps to get the camera loaded and ready for a ride. The unit will begin shipping in mid-November, just in time for the holiday season.

But that doesn't mean that all cycling videos have ceased to be produced in anticipation of the new camera. Great Britain's favorite trials rider, Danny MacAskill, shot a new video with Great Britain's favorite track cyclist, Sir Chris Hoy, to promote the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, Scotland.

The advert not only catches MacAskill jumping on over and around all sorts of obstacles around the Glasgow Velodrome, it also puts the trickster on a track bike riding against the recent Olympic gold medalist.

Not to be outdone, fellow Brit Martyn Ashton recently dropped another video that showcases him putting a $15,000 Pinarello carbon framed (and wheeled!) bike through the same kind of trials stunt riding that MacAskill unleashes on his burly mountain/BMX/trials rigs, complete with a backflip out of a golf course sand trap.

The Pinarello is actually a Team Sky edition Dogma 2, the same frame Bradley Wiggins rode throughout his winning Tour de France campaign this past July. Remarkably, as Ashton attests in the companion outtakes video, all carbon held up without a crack. Keep this in mind when trying to claim a factory warranty replacement on bogus damage.

Don't forget to load up any photos or videos taken while riding Phoenix's South Mountain Park at Cycle's South Mountain Sundays Facebook page.

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