Dog Wool Sweaters: Because You Deserve to Look and Feel Like ... a Dog

In case you needed further confirmation that you're in love with your dog absolutely insane, you can now rest assured that there are others who feel the need to share entirely too much with their pets, too.

Unfortunately, Dog wool sweaters are exactly what they sound like -- a hot mess of dog "wool" you can sling over your shoulders.

And they're wrong for a multitude of reasons -- mainly because dogs have hair (sheep have wool) but also, seriously, because you look like a dog.

This might be the only instance in which we thank the forecast for being too damn hot to wear one of these things, but if you're ready to start harvesting your tic-ridden pet for a wintry, hair jacket, there are books and e-guides to help you through the process.

That's right, friends, provided you have a brush, a loom, and a furry friend, this crap is 100 percent free.

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