Found on Craigslist: One Room in a Quirky House of Placenta Crafters in Phoenix

​If you're on the market for a room in a historic hippie house in downtown Phoenix, light up a celebratory stick of incense.

The place of your dreams awaits on Craigslist -- or, more specifically, in neighborhood of Seventh and McKinley streets. And brother (or sister), this house is way loose. 

The room for rent in this 1923 gem has a small closet, a window, and three roommates who are self-described as a "birth & postpartum doula and placenta crafter," a "paradigm shifter," and a lover of "British culture, playing guitar, and reading biographies of heroin addicted 80s rockers" -- all for the low price of $350 per month. 

And while the three are all "open," "420 friendly," and make their own toothpaste, they do have a few, very specific rules. As a future member of the commune, you must:

1. "Love to cuddle (we are very affectionate and touchy feely in general)." 

2. "Like and would help with the gardens and the chickens." 

3. "Must not use chemicals (no traditional shampoos, hair products, toothpastes, etc.)" 

4. Be "conscious and aware" ... save during 420 activities, we assume. 

5. "Not [be] freaked out by nudity. None of us are and it's quite common for us to walk around naked, change out in the open, leave the bathroom door open while we're showering, etc." 


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Claire Lawton
Contact: Claire Lawton