Frances Vintage to Open a New Location at Biltmore Fashion Park

See also: A Sneak Peek at Frances Studio's Summer Pop-Up Arcadians, vintage fiends, and style hounds alike have reason to rejoice -- Frances Vintage is expanding its retail venture.

The locally owned boutique, which specializes in vintage-inspired clothing, gifts, and accessories, announced it will be setting up (another) shop at Biltmore Fashion Park's new space, the Union.

The Union, which will be located at the 24th and Camelback shopping center, between Stingray and Seasons 52, is set to open in November and will provide a communal retail space for about a dozen small, Phoenix-based businesses.

Joining Frances will be other locally owned establishments including: Citrine Natural Beauty Bar, Paris Envy, and Whoopie Baking Company.

Each shop will be allotted 200-500 sq. feet of retail space with a year-long lease, giving mall shoppers a small preview of what their business has to offer.

It's all part of an innovative retail project designed to juxtapose small and locally owned shops with large, nationally owned chain stores, ideally creating more traffic for small storefront owners, and a more diverse retail environment for shoppers.

Frances owner Georganne Bryant, says she's ecstatic about the new retail concept.

"We are really excited to expand in Phoenix and especially to be a part of the Biltmore Union project," she says. "It will allow unique locally owned businesses to be part of something bigger. Well known national retailers and restaurants will coexist with the local retail shops that define the flavor of the city. We really love the concept and are excited about the businesses and people that we will be collaborating with"

Bryant also hopes that its presence at the Union will give shoppers outside the Central Phoenix area the opportunity to sample the locally owned business and hopefully visit her larger, main store.

Employees of the original store on Central Avenue and Camelback Road assured us late yesterday that the central store will not be changing concepts or moving locations -- nor will Frances Studio or Smeeks, which are also owned by Bryant. If anything, Frances Central will continue to establish its hub status by throwing a series of fall and winter workshops, hosted at the store, and lead by local artists and crafters.

Each workshop will differ in subject, materials, and cost. The first workshop just announced will be an Indoor Lighting Photography Workshop by Arrow and Apple on August 30, from 6:30-8:30 p.m. (the fee is $40).

To find out about upcoming workshops or be informed about upcoming developments at their future Union Location visit the Frances blog.

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