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Here's What the 2016 Hallmark Christmas Movies Are (Probably) About

It may seem hard to believe, but this Saturday night the Hallmark Channel is premièring the first of 19(!) brand-new Christmas movies. That's right, on October 29, two days before Halloween, you can start making your days merry and bright, one movie at a time. These films have become a staple of the network, with a feel-good formula that would make any Grinch's heart grow three sizes. 

We fancy ourselves experts of these Hallmark Movies, having written the definitive guide to the channel's favorite festive tropes. In fact, we're so confident, we've challenged ourselves to guess the premise of seven of the 2016 films. No peeking at the synopses, just based one the photo and title. Check the schedule for Hallmark Channel's Countdown to Christmas and watch to see if we're right! WARNING: spoilers ahead (probably).

A Wish For Christmas
Airs: October 29
Jennifer is helping her family hang ornaments on the tree, wondering how many more Christmases she'll spend alone. She shakes a snow globe and it bursts open, revealing a hunky holiday genie. Before Christmas Eve, she must decide on her three wishes. End world hunger? Nah. Free the hunky genie so they live happily ever after? Duh. 

Christmas Cookies
Airs: November 13
In this delightful stoner comedy, two righteous bros devise the perfect plan to save their struggling bake shop. They start cooking some very "special" Christmas edibles and, one by one, the townspeople become hooked. Word starts to spread, and they get wrapped up in a Breaking Bad-style crime ring they can't bake their way out of. 

A December Bride
Airs: November 20
May is a 40-year-old career woman. Denny is a 20-year-old student. They meet at a family party and, despite their age difference, they fall in love. Can they find common ground when Denny wasn't even alive to see Home Alone's theatrical run?

The Mistletoe Promise
Airs: November 5 
Holly and Chris met nine years ago at a holiday party thrown by a mutual friend. They stumble into one another underneath the mistletoe and talk all night. Still young and not wanting commitment, they make a promise right there that if they aren't married in nine years, they'll find each other and settle down. Lo and behold, they're both in unhappy relationships nine years later, and start to wonder if they were meant to be all along. 

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