Lightning Octopus: A Local Guide to Geekdom

Jonathan Simon's a geek -- and a damn funny one.

He started Lightning Octopus in June to share Phoenix geek-culture news, photos and events -- it's also his excuse to get out and meet like-minded geeks at geeky events.

"Since its launch, my wife and I have traded in a lot of "same-old" evenings for going to locally made monster movies, video game tournaments, local conventions, art shows, zombie preparedness meetings, as well as hanging out with Ghostbusters, monsterologists, comic artists, and more," Simon writes. "My hope is to inspire other fans of geek culture here to do the same."

In addition to witty writing and nerdy events (come on, who doesn't want to go to a Robots vs Zombies Craft Workshop?), Lightning Octopus is full of beautiful photos, taken by Simon's wife, Darby.

Be sure to check out the interview section, where Simon geeks out with Daniel Davis of Steam Crow, Jayson Peters of Nerdvana (another cool nerd blog), The Arizona Ghostbusters and more.

As for his own preferences, Simon admits to some light SF book reading and retro video game playing. He's also a total sucker for indie music, and as long as he keeps blogging, his confessions are safe with us.

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Claire Lawton
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