Manifesto No. 1

Introducing Manifestos, a collection of 10(ish) life lessons and rules written by Phoenix creatives and illustrated by designers.

Up today, lessons learned by local writer Tom Leveen, illustrated below by Jon Ashcroft:

​Read Leveen's Manifesto below: 

Manifesto, or, Things I Hope to Teach My Kid: 

1. Never tell a kid, of any age, that they suck. In fact, just never say it to anyone.

2. Use your turn signal. Every time.

3. If you wouldn't say it in public, don't post it online.

4. Words matter. Know how to use them, use them well, and use them to help, not harm.

5. Always go through a rescue organization to get a pet.

6. Never, ever let someone tell you that you can't do something. Pursue your dreams and goals relentlessly. Even if they don't all come true, chances are good an opportunity will arise that you never even considered.

7. Open the door for her.

8. Remember that I am one of the 99% nationally, but one of the 1% globally.

9. Share.

                                                                                                                -- Tom Leveen 

About the design: 
Above is the ilustration of Tom's manifesto, specifically: Remember that I am one of the 99% nationally, but one of the 1% globally.

I tried to visualize Tom's very insightful point but making a reversible image. The piece references the idea of there being two sides to every coin and I really like that the viewer literally has to shift their perspective if they want to take in the entire piece. The type is also designed to work both ways "Always Remember" and "Remember Always"
-- Jon Ashcroft

About the creative: 
Tom Leveen is the author of PARTY. His latest nove, ZERO, set in Phoenix in the early 90s, will be released nationally on April 24. 

About the designer: 
Jon Ashcroft is a local creative director/illustrator whose work has been featured in local and national publications, including Fender, The Atlantic, American Illustration 30, (and in our Imagine PHX series). He's also a contributor to local design blog, The Egotist.  

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