Pimp Your Plastic Ride at Westgate's Ridemakerz Shop

Tickle Me Elmo's incessant giggling could drive a parent to bust a cap in that red stuffed ass and Bratz dolls look like the offspring of Ru Paul and one of Santa's elves. But every once in a while, someone comes up with a brilliant idea for a new toy. Or, in this case, a toy store.

Ridemakerz at Glendale's Westgate City Center is stocked with remote control cars. But not just any old cars. These are the mack daddys of all remote control vehicles. 

Think MTV's Pimp My Ride on a much smaller scale -- although these babies probably cost as much as the craptastic pre-pimped '80s Toyota hatchbacks and Ford Festivas featured on the TV show. You can customize your car, from body style and wheels to over-the-top accessories including nitrogen tanks and flashing light bars.     

Much like the real thing, car bodies vary by cost. The American class system is at work even when it comes to toys: Little Ritchie Rich gets the $30 convertible, while Middle Class Mary gets the cheap-ass $15 store brand. Still, they're all pretty cute.

After picking out your body, you select wheels at $4 a pair: standard wheels if sticking to the hall carpet freeway, gigantic monster wheels if you're planning to go off-roading in the backyard or start a model car monster truck rally *grunt, grunt*.

Piss mom off Pimp it out with blaring soundz from break beats to cop sirens.

​Pick out your hubcaps. Just remember to dial down the chrome if you're going to be parking your ride in the 'hood.

Top it all off with Ridemakerz' flashy accessories. They've got pinstriping and flames. Hood vents. Chrome tailpipes. Running boards. A supercharged hemi engine. All they need now is a baby Bondurant to show off at. Hmmm...now that could be a winning business idea.    

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