Sprawlr, a Digital Magazine For All Things Arizona, Launches December 15

We here at Jackalope Ranch have been following Sprawlr for the past few months. We're excited to announce that the eagerly anticipated digital magazine will finally launch on Monday, December 15.

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Daniel Mills, founder of Sprawlr, is something of a wunderkind. Earlier this year, at the tender age of 22, his idea for a nonprofit organization that includes an online, non-fiction magazine about the state we all love to hate on made him a finalist for a Big Brain Award.

Sprawlr is a lot of things rolled into one, but it bears a central theme of making high-quality content about Arizona accessible to everyone. Topics covered by the "digital magazine" include art, sustainability, alternative transportation, and just plain good storytelling. Long-form non-fiction works will be the site's dominant features.

The goal behind Sprawlr is a noble one: to shape an alternative understanding of Arizona culture, and to give a voice to the folks who are helping to build it. Sprawlr was founded as a non-profit organization, which we think speaks to its commitment to engaging the local community.

Check it out for yourself on December 15 at Sprawlr.org.

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