Sweets & Beats: Grand Avenue's Whimsical Sweet Spot

Driving down Grand Avenue in Phoenix, you might see an assortment of interesting things, including a purple, leopard-print building called Sweets & Beats.

Owners, Liam James T. Murtagh and Emily Spetrino-Murtagh, were saving to buy a home, but when it came time to finalize their potential plans, something always went wrong. When the couple heard about the open art space near Trunk Space and Bikini Lounge, they jumped at the opportunity and as Liam says, "everything else fell into place."

The Muraghs acquired the space over a year ago. They transformed it into a living space (you may spot their son Iggy running around the store) with a candy and vinyl record storefront. But this novelty shop isn't all candy and music; there is a hodgepodge of items for sale at affordable prices.

We stopped into the store to see what we could get our hands on. Check out what we'd take, what we'd leave and why we'd go back after the jump...

Things we're taking home:

1. Button pins These are cute. They come in different sizes and each has its own pattern or design. We were sold when we saw the Ernest P. Worrell button that says: "Hey, Vern! KnoWhutImean?" Add some flair to your bags or clothes with these $2 buttons.
2. Headphones Ear bud headphones are overrated. These old school headphones that cover your whole ear are way cool. Purchase them for $15.
3. Flipside Fanzines Revisit the punk rock scene with these old magazines for $3 to $4.50.
4. Salt & Pepper shakers holder Add it to the kitchen décor for $3.
5. Vintage jewelry boxes All that stylish jewelry that you own deserves to be stored in style. We love these $12 vintage jewelry cases.

Things on our wish list:

1. Audiotronics suitcase record player It plays everything -- 78 rpm, 45 rpm, 33 rp.m, and 16rpm! For $50, how could you resist?
2. Puppet Pie puppets Handmade puppets by local artist Stacey Gordon! She makes puppets for fingers too. Get your hands on these puppets for $30-$50.
3. Webcor reel-to-reel recorder
It's not often that you run across one of these and in such good condition. This $80 reel-to-reel recorder is definitely an oldie but goodie.
4. Bar stools
These bar stools with black leather are in great condition. Pick up the whole set for $60.

We'll pass on...
Super Fart Spray for $3 a can. We're all adults here, right? An authentic fart is probably more lethal than anything from a can, even though Super Fart Spray cleared out a Seattle Wal-Mart earlier this year. We'll pass (gas) on this spray.

One reason to go back...

It's all in the store's name. Candy and music! They carry "toy" candy, brands of candy that have been around for decades, big candy, little candy. So much candy. For music lovers there are a ton of vinyl records to browse through, including some from local bands.

Sweets & Beats' is located at 1504 NW Grand Ave in Phoenix. Visit the store Monday through Wednesday from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. and Friday and Saturday 5 p.m. to 10 p.m.. On Black Friday the store will open at noon. For more information about Sweets & Beats visit the store's Facebook.

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D'Aundra Wallace