The Best Comedy Shows in Metro Phoenix During Spring 2016

If you’re looking to laugh sometime in the next few months, we’ve got good news for you. There’s a ridiculous amount of comedy coming through the Valley in the next few months. Which is why we created a list of the 20 best for you (in chronological order).

Cotter & Loquasto
February 4 to 6
Stand Up Scottsdale

Grant Cotter and Jonny Loquasto are plenty funny on their own, but that’s not the only reason you’ll want to be at Stand Up Scottsdale’s new (old) location the first weekend of February. It’ll be the first shows ever at the revamped venue, and that means a fresh start for a comedy club that’s seen varying levels of success in the past. Tickets cost $15 and are available through the Stand Up Scottsdale website

Jo Koy
February 11 to 14
Tempe Improv

You can’t go to a comedy club anywhere without seeing promotion for someone who was on Chelsea Lately. However, most of them were only on an episode or two, while Jo Koy made a legitimate name for himself by appearing on seemingly all of them. Aside from that, you’ve probably seen him on Comedy Central or one of the other handful of TV networks he’s popped up on. Tickets cost $25 ($50 for VIP) and are available through the Tempe Improv website

Adam Sandler
February 12
Comerica Theatre

Sure, some of Adam Sandler’s movies have been pretty questionable as of late, but he’s still one of the greatest comedic voices in recent history. Although he’s not known for his stand-up these days, he’ll be at Comerica with David Spade, Rob Schneider, and Tim Meadows. So we’re guessing it’ll probably still be one of the funnier shows you see this year. Tickets start at $52.50 and are available through Live Nation

Steve Rannazzisi
February 12 to 14
Stand Up Live 

Now that The League is over, Steve Rannazzisi is finally free to step out from his starring role as Kevin MacArthur and into his own shoes in the comedy world. He’s also one of the only people on this list performing on Valentine’s Day, so we’re sure it’ll be a suitable option regardless of whether you have a date. Tickets cost $22 and are available through the Stand Up Live website

Frank Caliendo
February 13
Talking Stick Resort

If you’ve somehow missed seeing Frank Caliendo on TV up to this point (which means you’ve probably never watched an NFL game in your life), he’s a guy who does impressions of everyone from George W. Bush to John Madden. If you’re into impersonations, he’s probably the best thing this side of Jay Pharoah. Tickets start at $55 and are available through Ticketmaster

Andrew Dice Clay
February 19 to 20
Laugh Factory

Before your favorite comedian was pissing people off and getting mildly famous off of it, Andrew Dice Clay had already perfected the art form. It’s too bad his heyday didn’t line up with social media, because he likely would’ve been in a different (amazing) feud every week. Plus, you know he’s got some extra bro points for his time spent on Entourage. Tickets start at $29 and are available through the Laugh Factory website

DeRay Davis
February 19 to 21
Stand Up Live

Among comedians, DeRay Davis is as busy as it gets. The dude does movies (21 Jump Street, Semi-Pro, etc.), TV shows (The Boondocks, Empire, etc.), and he even did the skits on the first two Kanye albums. Despite all of that, he still finds time to show off his stand up regularly, and there’s no reason you shouldn’t go see him. Tickets cost $25 ($35 for VIP) and are available through the Stand Up Live website

Iliza Schlesinger
February 25 to 27
Tempe Improv

For our $9 per month, Iliza Schlesinger has two of the best hours of comedy on Netflix. No one captures the hilarity of dating, going out, or simply existing in your 20s (and 30s) quite like Schlesinger, which makes her comedy relatable to just about everyone. If you’re lucky, you might even get to meet the real star of the show — her dog, Blanche. Tickets cost $22 and are available through the Tempe Improv website

Harland Williams
February 25 to 28
House of Comedy

We can say with pretty good certainty that you’ve seen Harland Williams. Unless you hate funny movies, you’ve probably seen something he’s been in. From Dumb & Dumber to There’s Something About Mary to Half Baked, Williams’ resume reads like a list of the funniest movies from the last couple decades. The good news is, his stand-up is more or less just as hilarious. Tickets cost $30 and are available through the House of Comedy website

Tom Segura
February 26 to 27
Stand Up Live

Some comedians take ridiculous (often fabricated) experiences and turn them into wonderful jokes and stories. That’s not what Tom Segura does. Segura’s craft is taking things from his everyday life and making them just as hysterical as the outlandish tales of others. If you don’t believe us, check out his Netflix special. Or just go see him in real life. Tickets cost $22 and are available through the Stand Up Live website

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