The Hipster's Holiday Gift Guide

Our hipster friends may be the hardest to shop for, mostly because we've never heard of anything they like (and they'd like to keep it that way). But there are a few things every hipster secretly wants and will be impressed that you found. Here are our local finds that are sure to please any hipster -- just don't tell them you used a guide, or much less that you assumed they were hipster.

1. McSweeney's Publications: McSweeney's 35
If you don't know this highbrow American Publishing House or at least one of the four regular literary publications it puts out, use the three words, "Dave Eggers' brainchild," to make it sound like you do and to save your relationship with the person you're shopping for. You can thank us later.

Issue 35 from the flagship publication McSweeney's Quarterly is one of the most recent issues to date and equipped with epic short fiction and illustration from some of the world's finest post post-modern thinkers. You can find the paperback edition (and other McSweeney's mags and books) at Changing Hand's Bookstore in Tempe, 6428 S. McClintock Drive, for only $26.

2. I [Cactus] PHX T-shirt
Well, it's an ironic T-shirt that gives props to our PHX homeland and gives $2 of the proceeds to a local charity. Need we say more?

Two very cool local dudes by the name of Andy Brooks and Danny Stoeller make these clever tees and sell them on their independent online shop, Holy Piñata, for only $20. Pick the size and color of your tee and the charity you wish to send your donation.

3. Cartel Coffee Lab Gift Card
We know gift certificates are somewhat of a cop-out, but trust us on this one. One step inside this independent coffee shop and the sweet amalgamated smell of fresh-ground Guatemalan coffee beans and ripe hipsters will be sure to bring you to counterculture enlightenment. 

This hip kid haven has two locations -- one at 225 West University Drive in Tempe and the other at 1 N. 1st St in Downtown Phoenix.

4. 33⅓ (Thirty-Three and a Third) book series
These carefully crafted mini-sized books are written about seminal albums of the past and present and are published by Continuum Books. Each book is dedicated to one album (i.e. Ok Computer, Daydream Nation, Pink Moon) and features writing by one main author. Stinkweeds, 12 West Camelback Road, has these little suckers on display at the check out counter for a whoppin' $10.95.

5. The Colored Bike Chain
Polluting the air with your automobile is like, so totally un-cool. Sporting a colored bike chain on your fixie = uber cool. These colored chains come in many different shades and can be found at any local bike shop. Slippery Pig Bike Shop at 4412 N. Central Avenue in Phoenix carries some sweet colors for only $15 each.

Item to avoid: Coachella Tix
This music festival-turned-bro-camping-trip almost as bad as wearing a fedora. Nothing screams lamestream like the scene at one of these trend fests. Think: Girls that look like they belong on The Hills (amongst a few who actually were) dressed in clothes that make them look "alt" and pretend to like indie rock because its "kewl".

Save your money for when your favorite obscure indie band plays at The Rhythm Room.

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Nicole Smith
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