Scottsdale Just Got a Cool New Piece of Public Art

Annette Coleman's new work, Pinball Wizard, can be found at the Scottsdale Waterfront.
Annette Coleman's new work, Pinball Wizard, can be found at the Scottsdale Waterfront. Scottsdale Public Art

One of the things we love about metro Phoenix is the countless works of public art that dot the desert landscape.

And now, we've got something new to look at, because Scottsdale Public Art just debuted its newest commission.

The piece by Denver artist Annette Coleman is called Pinball Wizard, and it's located at the splash pad near Marshall Way Bridge at the Scottsdale Waterfront in Old Town Scottsdale.

Pinball Wizard is a vibrant, fun installation that is composed of about 30 domes and spheres of various sizes covered in colorful mosaic glass. They're set on a new concrete wall adorned with waves of glass mosaic pieces.

“The spheres harken back to simpler times as children, playing jacks, shooting marbles, playing four square and competing as pinball wizards,” Coleman said in a press release.

Coleman came from Denver for the installation, which took place over two days in mid-June (as you can see on her Instagram).

The mosaic balls and domes are formed from colored concrete that will last for decades, making Pinball Wizard a piece of public art that will brighten up Scottsdale for a long time to come.

“Annette has created a public art piece that will be enjoyed by both kids and adults. She perfectly captured the feel of this vibrant area of Old Town Scottsdale,” Tanya Galin, public art manager for Scottsdale Public Art, said in the release. “I love the playfulness of the design with the fun splash of color. This is going to be a fantastic spot for selfies and group photos.”
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Jennifer Goldberg is the culture editor and Best of Phoenix editor for Phoenix New Times.