Thrifty Version Of Tiffany's Leather Luggage Tag

Tiffany's has a new leather and exotic skin line filled with bags, purses, journals, key chains and luggage tags. The leather goods are in brown, black, silver and Tiffany blue. They are, of course, beautifully made and are items to covet, but if you don't want to splurge on the $75 tag, you can absolutely make one yourself.

An easy place to find the leather or exotic skins in a close to Tiffany blue color: SAS Fabric, where items are sold by the pound. The leather for this little number was only 42 cents, since the pricing was $5.99 per pound. What a bargain!

Ready to make your own heart shaped luggage tag? The steps are after the jump.

- 1 square foot of leather scrap
- 2-by-2-inch square of flexible plastic
- Sewing machine

1. Use a piece of card stock to cut out a heart. You will use this as your template.
2. Lay out two pieces of leather scrap -- insides facing each other and place the paper template on top of the leather scraps. Trace around and cut the shape out of both pieces.
3. Use the paper template to cut a third piece (for this piece you can use leather or a scrap of suede as is the case in this version).
4. Cut a piece of plastic (such as an office supply clear pocket) in a 2-by-2-inch square.
5. Place this piece of plastic at the bottom of the interior heart. You may want to temporarily tack it down with a piece of double stick tape.
6. Sew the plastic to the interior piece of leather or suede at the bottom and sides, leaving the top as this will be your pocket to slip in your address.
7. Take one of the pieces of heart-shaped leather and cut a "u" shape out of the front, be sure to not cut to the edges. This should line up with the plastic pocket on the other interior piece as this will be the window that pulls back to open to the address pocket.
8. Fold this shape back and stitch the three sides (this is for decoration only and does not attach anything)
9. Cut a strip of leather 6-by-1 inches and fold this strip into thirds the long way so it is 6-by-¼ inches. Now sew along the whole length stitching it together.
10. Sandwich all three heart shaped leather pieces together again making sure the leather is facing outward.
11. Fold the long 6-inch strip in half and tuck the ends into the top of the hearts and sew all the way around the hearts, making sure to also sew across the strip to hold it in place. Trim off any excess fabric.
12. And enjoy your luggage tag!

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Cyndi Coon
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