BEST REFRIGERATOR MAGNETS 2006 | Mike Miskowski | People & Places | Phoenix
Whenever our out-of-state friends come to our heat-blasted burg for a visit, they're quite taken with the kitschy Arizona-themed refrigerator magnets found littering gift shops and souvenir stands across the Valley. They seem so drawn to these tacky trinkets filled with howling coyotes, jackalopes and Southwestern sunsets, you'd think our buddies were made of metal. The last time they blew through town, we gave them this certain madcap magnet made by local furniture artist Mike Miskowski that threw them for a loop. It boasts a smutty snapshot of a towering and anatomically blessed saguaro with a rather largish arm looking very much like a . . . um, let's just say its needles aren't the only thing "prickly" about this cactus. (There's also the phrase "Welcome to Phoenis" printed on it.) We'd tell our pals about Miskowski's other small-scale artwork fit for their icebox like a satanic Little Debbie or a chain-saw-wielding Native American child but they aren't speaking to us anymore.

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