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Ask Magic: My Girl's Hung Up On Her Ex; Should I End It?

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Of course there are always exceptions, and that's is why we must offer a few scenarios. You say that he always returns to talking and flirting with other girls.

Sometimes people say that if you keep your man well-fed he won't go looking for crumbs elsewhere, so if you really want to tame his hunger don't be afraid to really take control of your man--what I'm saying is that guys, for the most part, are pretty simple creatures, and if you can keep them satisfied that's the first step toward the perfect relationship.

When a relationship is new there's always frequent texting, silly notes, and naughty little things that keep it exciting. After a while, some of those things might slow down. At that point, some people start looking for that same excitement outside the relationship.

If you're serious about keeping your man, I suggest you keep the excitement turned way up! Otherwise your on-and-off thing may become a routine that never ends, and he'll only come back to you because he knows how to get his way when he's in need of some affection.

Respectfully, MC Magic

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Hey Magic,

My girl dated this other guy for a year-and-a-half. He treated her like shit, and he abused her, but she still loves him. I treat her way better than he did. But she still cries about him, says she's confused. I don't want to deal with this shit.

What do I do, keep trying to treat her right, or just let her go and find a better girl?

Next Guy in Missouri

Dear Next Guy,

Your situation is a lot more common than you might think.

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MC Magic