The 10 Best Concerts in Phoenix This Week

Regina Spektor is scheduled to perform on Wednesday, October 25, at Celebrity Theatre.
Regina Spektor is scheduled to perform on Wednesday, October 25, at Celebrity Theatre. Shervin Lainez
We’re most of the way through October, and there are plenty of great concerts left to experience.

This coming week, for instance, offers y’all the chance to catch performances by notable artists as Regina Spektor, Sarah Jarosz, Open Mike Eagle, Azealia Banks, and country mega-star Luke Bryan.

Finnish metal band HIM, currently on a farewell tour, will also serve up a final performance in Phoenix. And the always-entertaining stoner rockers of Red Fang are also due in town this week.

Details about each of these shows can be found below in our list of the best concerts happening in Phoenix over the next few nights. And for even more shows taking place around town this week, check out our online concert calendar.

Monday, October 23
The Van Buren

Finnish rock band HIM has been known for causing a lot of weird controversy during its 26 years of existence. First, a lot of people get angsty when it comes time to define their sound – the band has been categorized as everything from slow alt-rock to melodic metal to gothic metal.

They've been around since 1991, and they're the only Finnish rock band to achieve a gold record in the United States. The band members – frontman Ville Valo, guitarist Mikko "Linde" Lindstrom, bassist have had an interesting array of influences, including The Stooges, KISS, Black Sabbath, and Neil Young. The band's eight studio albums span fast and heavy to mournful and rainy-day-friendly; the fifth album, 2005's Dark Light, was the band's breakthrough album in the U.S.

As you’ve probably heard by now, HIM will be calling it quits at the end of 2017, with their final gig taking place on New Year’s Eve at the Helldone Festival in their native Finland. As such, they’re currently in the midst of their farewell tour, which swings through the Valley this week and features openers CKY and 3Teeth. Lauren Wise

Indie hip-hop artist Open Mike Eagle. - COURTESY OF THE ARTIST
Indie hip-hop artist Open Mike Eagle.
Courtesy of the artist
Open Mike Eagle
Monday, October 23
Valley Bar

With a half-dozen solo records, handfuls of EPs, successful podcasts and collaborations, and more than a decade of unique live performances, Open Mike Eagle has accomplished just about everything an artist can do in the music industry. More important, the alternative rapper has done all of it on his own terms — never sacrificing his creative vision to sell more records or appeal to the masses. But the 36-year-old still has one box left that he wants to check off in his career, and it’s about as commercial as it gets.

“I stupidly still want to play Coachella real bad,” Eagle says. "I still see that flyer and read those 100 names. You know you’re not going to be on there, but you’re looking for those guys where it’s like, ‘Oh, if that guy’s on there, I could definitely be on there.’ I’ve never even been.”

Considering the hype surrounding his current album, Brick Body Kids Still Daydream, it seems as good a time as there's ever been for Eagle to make a Coachella push. With every record since 2010’s Unapologetic Art Rap, the L.A.-based indie rap mastermind’s fan base has grown, and these days he could easily bring a solid afternoon crowd to one of Coachella’s tents.

In the meantime, he’ll bring a crowd to downtown Phoenix for his show at Valley Bar. Mega Ran, Teek Hall, and Billy Woods open the show. Josh Chesler

Azealia Banks
Tuesday, October 24
The Van Buren

Listen, Nicki Minaj can rap circles around most of the boys even without mesmerizing them with her blowup-doll image, and we respect that. But the badass-Barbie act feels a little manufactured, which is why Azealia Banks, another rapper from Harlem, has us giddy.

After all, she proceeded to rumble with a couple of big dogs in the rap game before she'd paid her dues and without making even the slightest attempt to sex up the feistiness. The gall! And thank God for it. It was about time a young firecracker who doesn't give a fuck and isn't interested in flirting stormed the boys' club that is hip-hop. Oh, and did we mention she's ripped every track she's released?

This week, Banks pays her first-ever visit to The Van Buren in downtown Phoenix. Be on your best behavior, boys. Rebecca Haithcoat

click to enlarge Your favorite OITNB theme song singer is coming to Celebrity. - SHERVIN LAINEZ
Your favorite OITNB theme song singer is coming to Celebrity.
Shervin Lainez
Regina Spektor
Wednesday, October 25
Celebrity Theatre

Regina Spektor can do more with her voice and piano than most singer-songwriters can manage with full instrumentation and lavish production. That’s not to say the New York vocalist’s arrangements are stripped down on her latest album, Remember Us to Life, which features varied musical settings by producer Leo Abrahams.

It’s just that Spektor’s songs need little more than her sophisticated melodies and playfully inventive lyrics to communicate romantic emotions so skillfully. “I’m chasing a story I heard when I was here last, at the back of the class,” she declares on the opening track, “Bleeding Heart.”

Spektor could be describing the passionate intensity of her own music when she adds, “Staring at the walls of your jail-like home / Listening to that song ’cause it hurts just right.” Falling James

click to enlarge Folk artist Sarah Jarosz. - SCOTT SIMONTACCHI
Folk artist Sarah Jarosz.
Scott Simontacchi
Sarah Jarosz
Wednesday, October 25
Musical Instrument Museum

With the release of her fourth album, Undercurrent, folk multi-instrumentalist Sarah Jarosz is riding a wave of critical acclaim. The album marks a shift in focus from the 26-year-old’s instrumental skills and interpretations of traditional songs to her songwriting and vocal performance. Undercurrent earned Jarosz two Grammys this year — for Best Folk Album and Best American Roots Performance — and was named Album of the Year by Folk Alliance International.

A frequent guest on Chris Thile’s A Prairie Home Companion, Jarosz also joined forces with fellow roots virtuosos Sara Watkins and Aoife O’Donovan to form supergroup I’m With Her. Although Jarosz is a dexterous collaborator, this is a chance for local fans to hear the singular talent play solo. Katie Moulton
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