Coco Montoya at Summer of Sound: Shameless Self Promotion

By Brendan Joel Kelley summer%20of%20sound.jpg As I was reminded by my music editor, Niki D'Andrea, this morning, this weekend is packed with good music, some of it New Times related. First of all, tonight is the jazz/blues/swing installment of New Times' Summer of Sound Series, featuring DJ Seduce, Sonorous, Calumet, Paris James, and legendary blues guitarist Coco Montoya as the headliner. That's at the Brickhouse, and it's only three bucks.

Then, Saturday night, Ms. D'Andrea herself will be DJing at "Wifebeater" at the Sets (the flyer says that the wifebeaters are required as dress code), along with SixStitch, Burning the Bridge, Evilsaurus Rex, and more. niki%20dj%20flyer.gif

Finally, on Sunday night, come say goodbye to country/punk troubadour Chip Hanna at the Yucca the night before he goes to Germany to tour with the Berlin Three. It should be a perfect end to a sweltering weekend.

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