Five Albums Every Man Should Have In His Bachelor Pad

For those who are really terrible in this life, I imagine a special hell: reality TV hell. This awful place will be populated by the combined casts of Jersey Shore and The Bachelor Pad, two of the most painful shows ever. Why would I want to watch a television show that glorifies ignorance and marginalizes Italian-Americans? Or Snooki having a baby?

But The Bachelor Pad, which aired its finale two nights ago, might have even less to offer than Jersey Shore. It's about beautiful people looking for love. We're supposed to care about that?

But for all its formulaic character archetypes and uninteresting plot twists, it got me thinking. What does the modern American bachelor or bachelorette listen to? More importantly, what should he (or she) have in their music arsenal?

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Richard Noel
Contact: Richard Noel