Industrial Freakfest Fallout.Shelter Goes Underground This Weekend

Something especially insidious will be lurking just beneath downtown Phoenix after darkness falls weekend. But before you ask, it's not a C.H.U.D., Balrog, or hellspawn.

More like a slew of sinister subterranean creatures of a more fetishistic and rivethead bent. Specifically, we're referring to the throng of pleather-clad freaks and geeks who will stomp around below ground during the latest reincarnation of Fallout.Shelter on Saturday.

The nefarious industrial music dance party will make a return to the nightlife scene after a lengthy hibernation, and its promoters are holding the event in a truly fitting location: buried beneath the surface.

According to Fallout.Shelter resident DJ and co-promoter Self.Destrukt, the deviant dance freakfest will go down at a below ground venue underneath downtown.

"I'm going to have realistic fallout shelter signs up [in downtown] to show people where to go, but I kind of want people to find it themselves, plus leave a little mystery," he says. "It's not going to be super tricky."

And while he was a bit cagey in revealing the location in the weeks leading up to the party, Self.Destrukt revealed on Fallout.Shelter's Facebook page earlier today that it will take place in the basement of the Monarch Theatre.

Those creatures of the night hoping to attend are asked to enter via the alley behind the venue, where fallout shelter-like signs will direct them to descend a flight of stairs into a dark underworld of dance.

Those fortunate enough to find their way can expect to be caught up in a blast radius of industrial, aggrotech, dark electro, and EBM audio bombs that will be dropped by Self.Destrukt, Eden//Haus, Sadisco* selector Vex, and the members of Mess &*Phetamine. DJ Flame of Berlin's infamous Club Hel will headline the event as special guest.

KILLtheALEX‎ from BlakOPz is also scheduled to pull double duty during the party, as he'll not only be DJing but will also be celebrating the release of the local hard-charging industrial band's new disc As Nations Decay.

Fallout.Shelter takes place at 9 p.m. Saturday, January 25. Admission is $5.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.