Krewella's Yasmine Yousef on Their Stylish and Sexy-Sounding EDM

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In the comments section on the YouTube video for Krewella's dubstep-heavy track "Killin' It," one clever wiseacre describes the Chicago-born electro-pop act as "2 Girls, One Drop." It's an unseemly bon mot, recalling one of the Interweb's most infamously vile viral videos, it's also a bit inaccurate.

Upon first listening, some might mistake Krewella - which feature vocalist sisters Yasmine and Jahan Yousef -- as a female pop duo. In reality, it's a trio that also stars beat-maker and producer Rainman.

And while Yasmine chuckled at the YouTube comment when we mentioned it during a recent telephone interview with the Krewella member, she gets perturbed at "yet another example" of someone forsaking the all-important third member of their trio.

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