Mega Ran Lost His Nintendo 3DS, and the Internet Is On the Case

I never quite understood it until yesterday, but my favorite Andy Warhol quote has always been, "In the future, everyone will be famous enough to have the Internet come to their rescue for 15 minutes, or until some more really goofy Anthony Weiner sexts leak." Phoenix's own Random -- alias Mega Ran -- is on the receiving end of the Internet's distributed generosity Wednesday, as Facebook fans, Twitter followers, and Redditors put out a dragnet for his missing Nintendo 3DS, lost somewhere on last week's West Coast tour.

If that doesn't sound to you like the most important thing the Internet will do today -- well, Mega Ran would probably agree with you. The former teacher, with other members of The Writer's Guild, is organizing a school backpack drive at Club Red for the beginning of August.

(But it might change your mind to know it's a 3DSXL; you can really only understand the scope of his misfortune if you bought the far inferior smaller version, like I did.)

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Dan Moore