Now Open: Cowboy Whiskey Saloon in Scottsdale

In Scottsdale, imitation is not only the sincerest form of flattery, it's sometimes a mantra for those seeking success. That's frequently the situation in the city's bar and club scene, where if one place does well with a new or unique concept, trend, or shtick, you can bet that others might soon be featuring their own version.

Such may be the case with the latest spot to debut in Scottsdale's entertainment district: Cowboy Whiskey Saloon, a country-themed bar offering drinks, dancing, and live music.

Described as a "high-energy country bar," it opened last weekend along the aptly named Stetson Drive and offers urban cowboys, boot-scooters, and members of the Wrangler crowd a chance to get their shine on in the heart of "the west's most western town."

The 4,700 square-foot saloon, which is owned by Scottsdale nightlife entrepreneur Steve McDonald and was formerly known as neighborhood watering hole Social Tap, boasts a cozy and intimate atmosphere, as well as dance floor, stage area for musicians, and a large center bar.

It also appears to take a cue or two from the rampantly popular Dierks Bentley's Whiskey Row just around the corner, like the high-energy honky-tonk vibe, such upscale rustic décor touches as the pressed tin ceiling and reclaimed wood décor, and the whole, um...whiskey thing.

A recent article promoting Cowboy Whiskey's opening on the social media site Cowboy Lifestyle Network (which is owned by Patrick O'Donnell, a proprietor of the saloon along with McDonald) even tips a ten-gallon hat towards Bentley's bar, as well as venerable Old Town spot Rusty Spur Saloon. (For some reason, however, it completely ignores its Stetson Drive neighbor, Shotgun Betty's.)

Currently there are only two country western bars in Old Town Scottsdale, Rusty Spur Saloon and Dierks Bentley's Whiskey Row. Now there are officially three country western bars with the recent introduction of the Cowboy Whiskey Saloon. Cowboy Lifestyle Network encourages everyone to visit all three bars in Old Town Scottsdale, because they are all fun and unique in their own ways.

For instance, the article states, Cowboy Whiskey will differ from other similar spots by being "100 percent country" in terms of its music, which means the tunes coming from both the DJs and performers will be purely of the twangy, steel guitar-filled genre. In other words, "nothing but new and classic country music" that's provided by such local acts as Ryan Bexley or Desert Dixie (both are scheduled to perform this weekend).

And according to the article, you can also expect to see famous country musicians and pro athletes stopping by Cowboy Whiskey in the coming months to sit for a spell and sip a cold one. You might even bump in 'em out on the dance floor, buckaroo.

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Benjamin Leatherman is a staff writer at Phoenix New Times. He covers local nightlife, music, culture, geekery, and fringe pursuits.