Police State: The Police at US Airways Arena last night

By Brendan Joel Kelley thepolice1.JPG Last night our intrepid photographer friend Luke Holwerda hit up the Police's reunion tour stop at US Airways Arena, and snapped some awesome shots (more after the jump). Here's Luke's report on the gig:

The crowd was really truly excited when the boys walked on stage for the first time. I could even see Sting give a nervous, almost bashful smile when he heard the initial roar. (I always clap as much as I can, so I dont come off like a chump with a camera.) Everyone was rocking, and super animated. Andy was rocking the balls off his Strat, while Sting dug new holes into his beautifully worn p-bass. Of course Stewart sported the ever fashionable drummer gloves. They even started jumping around the stage at one point! Rock music keeps the dust off your bones.

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