Shit People Said at FORM Arcosanti 2017

The audience at the AMP stage.
The audience at the AMP stage. Michelle Sasonov
FORM attendees say the darndest, funniest, and most pretentious things during the exclusive arts and music festival that takes place at Paolo Soleri's Arcosanti, an experimental eco-city about an hour north of Phoenix. Between the glamping, free kombucha, and world-class cultural experiences, here's what we overheard.

Making friends is the vibe.
"We met last summer when we were doing the boat thing in Croatia."

Even if you're Father John Misty.
FJM to his keyboardist onstage: "It's your birthday — so I got you Ecstasy and a bunch of strangers."

But you've gotta watch out for some people.
"Bad bitch comin' through!"

click to enlarge Lighted architectural structure at the after-party. - MICHELLE SASONOV
Lighted architectural structure at the after-party.
Michelle Sasonov
Ultimately though, everyone's here for the music.
"Wait till you hear this Moses guy — he's got the voice of an angel."

Even though it can prove tough to keep track of what you're hearing.
"Oh my God, I love this song — wait, no, I thought this was going to be a different song."

And how to pronounce Skrillex's name after a few of those Red Bull cocktails.
Drunk woman en route to Skrillex's set: "We're going to Skritches! Skritches! Wooooo!"

Vieux Farka Toure inspired dancing in the amp, but not everybody was on board.
"This is no longer my happy place."

Refueling at the food truck court can be intimidating (apparently).
Woman 1: "Should we? I'm afraid."
Woman 2: "Of poutine?"
Woman 1: "It's Canadian."

It's also a great place to name drop.
"I went to high school with Bella Hadid."

Though you can't exactly escape the Sonoran winds.
"I think my mouth is made out of dust now."

click to enlarge All the structures are climbable at Arcosanti. - MICHELLE SASONOV
All the structures are climbable at Arcosanti.
Michelle Sasonov
There's always the sneaking suspicion you're missing out on something else.
"Dammit, we missed the ninjas for this!"

And when people finally find your secret hideouts, it kinda sucks.
"We were going to go to the pool, but then the cool kids found out about it and now there's a line."

One lady was down for whatever during the How to Dress Well set.
Tom Krell: "This next song is about the intergenerational trauma that we carry in our flesh."
Woman in the audience: "Yeah! Woooo! Yeaaaahhh!"
Krell: "She fucks with that idea."

And, look, she mostly had the right idea.
"Everybody's probably gonna get turnt up tonight, but they better keep that shit away from the tents."
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