Shit People Said on the EDC Vegas Shuttles

The EDC shuttles could use some love.

We get it; it’s not easy trying to transport thousands of people between Las Vegas Motor Speedway and the Strip. For those of us taking the giant buses, it was frustrating having no clear signs or indication of where, exactly, to find the shuttle pick-up zones. (If you only make one change to the system for next year, Insomniac, please, we’re begging you, let it be to order more signs.) 

The shuttles get a bad rap, though, and they shouldn't. Taking one is actually a quicker alternative to driving (different route, different traffic; can we get a hallelujah?) and it's basically one giant, mobile pregame. In that hour-long (more or less) ride, there's a lot of time to talk. Here, some of our favorite things we overheard on the ride.

“Note to self: Next time, bring a to-go cup.” — one unhappily “stone cold sober” (her words) rider who just wanted a vodka cranberry to go along her midnight shuttle to the festival.

Plus: “If I had a vodka cranberry right now, I’d share it with you.” There’s that EDC spirit!

“She pointed me in the right direction, and then asked a random car for a ride to EDC, hopped in, and left!” — someone who would have never guessed that their fairy godmother for the night would be wearing pasties.

“Sir, can you turn the music up?” — polite raver just looking to bump some bus tunes.

“Please turn down the music!” — fellow bus-mate aching for anything over static-y radio.

“Who here is on drugs?” — a terrifying military man who came onboard with only one question and, upon receiving only stunned silence, left to join his friends (and their giant, terrifying guns) outside.

“I was out there trying to get my snap story on, but the Wi-Fi they promised is more like dial-up.” — a frustrated raver who had to wait until morning to send his epic, seven-minute Snapchat story.

“Are you kidding me? There’s another fucking Al-Qaeda checkpoint?” — someone who was very upset to have their bags checked both before and after the shuttle.

“I FaceTimed my friend from Seven Lions yesterday. It kept cutting out, but it was still cool. I was like, ‘Don’t complain, I’m making it so you can be at EDC with me.’” — just a friend trying to share a moment from hundreds of miles away. 
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