Synth Metal Band Element a440 Hoists Its Genre-Defying Freak Flag

It doesn't matter who synth metal band Element a440 is playing with. It could be a punk band, a DJ, or death metal group. The outfit's only concern? To put on a theatrically, entertaining show, visually and audibly.

In this week's issue, we profiled the band and delved into the details concerning its second album, Whips, Knives, Candles, And Quills, which its releasing on Friday, February 1, at Joe's Grotto. The record shows that the band's sound, incorporating electro gloss and metal crunch.

Up On The Sun talked with vocalist Halo and guitarist Graven about how the Mason Jar made Element a440 a Phoenix band, blood and blow-up dolls on stage, and egos in the local music scene.

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