That Damn Show feat. Bad Religion, The Faint, and More at Mesa Amphitheatre, 4/20/13

That Damn Show | Mesa Amphitheatre | April 20, 2013
The history of That Damn Show is full of fond memories. A decade or so ago, the festival combined punk bands with alt-radio favorites for a blistering day in the sun. Saturday, it was back with a vengeance, and hopefully it will make a return next year.

Fenix Tx came full circle since about 2001 or so when the pop punk band toured with Bad Religion and blink-182. Fenix Tx was popular at the time thanks to "All My Fault" and Bad Religion was stuck in the New America doldrums. But time has been kind to Bad Religion. Not so for Fenix Tx ... but at least the band's set was (mostly) entertaining.

Frontman William Salazar seemed stuck in the blink-182 potty-mouth era, "jokingly" calling girls bitches and asking who likes pussy. In spite of some lineup shakeups, the band pretty much sounded the same as they have over the past decade or so and stuck to the hits.

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Melissa Fossum
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