The Ghost of Eastside Records in Tempe to Close Its Doors on May 19

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Beloved record store

The Ghost of Eastside Records

will be exorcised from its current location less than two weeks from now.

A post on the store's Facebook page this afternoon stated that the Tempe vinyl emporium and music shop, which was a pop-up reincarnation of the defunct Eastside Records, will be closing its doors on May 19.

What happens from there is entirely up to the store's owner, Michael Pawlicki.

This afternoon's Facebook message indicated that the Ghost of Eastside Records will be "[closed] temporarily to make the transition to a different location."

While no mention is made regarding where the store will be moving, Pawlicki told New Times that it will either be elsewhere in the Valley or somewhere in the Los Angeles area.

"That's what I'm trying to figure out now," says Pawlicki, who is currently riding his bike around Sunset Boulevard in L.A. scouting potential locations for his store. "It depends on what I find out in L.A."

Although one would hope Pawlicki would steer away from the Sunset area as a spot for his shop (especially given that the legendary Amoeba Music is within spitting distance), the 50-year-old says he's searching all over El Lay.

"I'm looking out here, but nothing is certain. There's a lot of possibilities," Pawlicki says.

He's also not ruling out setting up his shop in another spot in the Phoenix area, but such a move wouldn't take place until later in the summer or possibly in the fall.

As we've previously reported, Pawlicki absolutely abhors the sweltering summertime heat in Arizona. Having spent a huge chunk of his life in the Valley, he also has a serious yen for living somewhere else. When The Ghost of Eastside Records opened over the winter, Pawlicki never shied away from admitting that the pop-up store wouldn't last past the time that the mercury began its annual climb.

"The location [of the store] is way too crazy and I knew it was always going to be temporary," he says. "It was a nice place and it's been fun being there, but it was too crazy to keep things open during the summer."

So regardless of which city he choose to re-launch his record shop yet again, Pawlicki plans on moving his entire stock into storage during the next two months. He has no idea where things will go from there or when he's going to decide.

"I will definitely not be around for June and July," Pawlicki says. "I may reopen somewhere in July or August, but -- like I said -- it all depends on what I can find."

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