The Sun Sessions: Green Day's "Longview" As Played By Nowhere Man and Whiskey Girl

Nowhere Man and Whiskey Girl aren't a Phoenix band, per say. The duo lives down in Bisbee, a former mine town in southern Arizona. Shooting our latest installment of The Sun Sessions they regaled us with tales of life in the quaint town, where the temperature drops in to the 60s at night this time of year. Sounds pretty wonderful, doesn't it?

After the jump, watch the band's great take on Green Day's breakthrough single "Longview," which comes from 1994's Dookie, an album I paid tribute to in print this week. Green Day will be in town Saturday, for a show at U.S. Airways Center. Nowhere Man and Whiskey Girl will not be in town for a month or so, for a Sept. 27 show The Icehouse Tavern with Fatigo and Vanessa Atlanta. Their next record, Children of Fortune, is also nearly done being recorded.

Be sure to check out their Myspace and stay tuned for details on that upcoming show.

Nowhere Man and Whiskey Girl play "Longview" by Green Day from Jonathan McNamara on Vimeo.

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