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Most of you know the South African brooders in Seether from "Broken," a song from their debut album that they rerecorded for The Punisher soundtrack as a duet between Shaun Morgan and Evanescence singer Amy Lee. Please refrain from singing "When a Front Man Loves a Front Woman," as Morgan and Lee have broken up (lest anyone think it's gonna be "Seether Featuring Amy Lee" ever again). Most people react to a mainstream hit like "Broken" very badly, so why should Seether differ? The delay of the group's sophomore album was due in part to a holding pattern remix of the first album (which included a "Broken" redux) but also to newfound record label pressure to keep the lyrics Wal-Mart friendly, not to mention Wind-Up's refusal to release the new album under its original title, Catering to Cowards. But if you were worried post-grunge was going to make some abhorrent change of direction, rest assured, the retitled Karma and Effect brings more self-absorption to the table than its predecessor, with Morgan apparently still gargling with angst after every meal and leaving the melodic sweeps to his pals, co-headliner Shinedown.
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