Zia Records Kicks Off Its 40th Anniversary With Rare Vinyl Releases

Zia Records Tempe
Zia Records Tempe Julian Hernandez
Zia Records commemorates 40 years in business in 2020, and it's kicking things off by giving vinyl collectors something to celebrate.

Throughout the year, the Valley's destination for pop culture goodness will be releasing a series of exclusive vinyl editions of some great albums ranging from funk, progressive, deathcore, and even a local favorite. So make some room on your shelf for these releases.

January 17:

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Zia Records

AJJ — Good Luck Everybody (purple and gray swirl vinyl, limited to 300)

Growlers — Chinese Fountain (red and yellow swirl, limited to 300)

January 31:

Charles Wright & the Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band — Express Yourself (orange and green swirl vinyl, limited to 300 copies)

February 7:

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Zia Records
Operation Ivy — Energy (white with black vinyl, limited to 300)

February 14:

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Zia Records

Neko Case —Middle Cyclone
(opaque maroon vinyl, limited to 300)

Ofege — How Do You Feel
(orange and blue swirl vinyl, limited to 100)

February 21:

Bad Religion — No Control (opaque lime green, limited to 300)

February 28:

Veil of Maya — The Common Man’s Collapse (blue and yellow swirl, limited to 100)

March 6:

Animals as Leaders — Joy of Motion (green and red swirl, limited to 100)

This is just the start, so stay tuned to Zia Records' website for information on future exclusive vinyl releases and other announcements. 
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