Drunk Gilbert Man Threatens to Shoot Himself -- Shoots Own House Instead

A drunk Gilbert man was arrested Saturday after a fight with his wife prompted him to blast a shotgun at his own house.

Gilbert police were called to the 3500 block of South Buckaroo Trail early Saturday morning where Jeffrey Finkbeiner, 26, and his wife had been arguing.

A neighbor tried to intervene, but Finkbeiner knocked her to the ground. The neighbor's husband then tried to put an end to the brouhaha, but he, too, was assaulted.

Then, Finkbeiner threatened to kill himself. He grabbed a shotgun out of the garage and cocked it -- but Finkbeiner bailed on his suicidal plan. His own house, however, was his new target.

Adding to the chaos, as Finkbeiner was throwing his fit, his 5-year-old daughter was inside the home in a room that shared a wall with the garage. The girl, thankfully, was removed from the house by a neighbor in the midst of Finkbeiner's tantrum.

After threatening suicide -- and shortly after his daughter was taken from the house -- Finkbeiner removed the shotgun from under his chin and blasted a round through a wall in the garage.

Nobody was seriously injured.

Finkbeiner was booked on one count of disorderly conduct with a weapon.

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