Phoenix Ranked Number-One City for Single Women; City's "Posh" Dating Scene Cited as Reason

"Exhilarating." "Posh." Those are both words used to describe Phoenix's dating scene by, which recently released its 2011 rankings of the top-10 cities for single women.

In fact, Phoenix's "posh" dating scene, the website determined, earned the city the top spot on the list., apparently, never traveled west of Phoenix's Central Avenue.

See's assessment of the PHX below:

Phoenix, AZ tops the list for single ladies seeking love with a high single male-to-female ratio and a low cost of living. Add in plenty of sunshine and warm-weather activities, and your dating life is already looking up! Whether you're climbing the iconic Camelback Mountain or enjoying a legendary martini at Durant's Fine Foods, Phoenix's dating scene is both exhilarating and posh.

Phoenix earned high marks from another ranking of cities friendly to single ladies last year.

Single Minded Women, a website geared toward that whole Sex and the City crowd, ranked Phoenix sixth on the site's list of top-10 cities for single women last May.

In determining the list, the site looked at several variables, including employment opportunities, cost of living, access to travel, entertainment opportunities, social opportunities, ratio of men to women, singles population, and other lifestyle factors.

The site claims that there is almost an equal ratio of men to women in the Phoenix area and roughly 30 percent of the men in town are single.

Also making's list is Seattle in the two spot. Austin, Texas; Denver, and Washington, D.C. round out the top five.

See's complete list here.
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