Three More Groups Interested in Buying Phoenix Coyotes, Despite Weak Season-Ticket Sales

The Phoenix Coyotes are a mess, plain and simple.

Despite a successful year on the ice in 2009-10, things off of it still look bleak. See: the ownership fiasco.

The Yotes have been involved in negotiations with Ice Edge Holdings about a long-term lease of arena for some time now.

It appears the Coyotes are interested in other folks buying the team.

According to John Shannon of, there are now three more groups who might buy the team. One of them includes Jerry Reinsdorf, the current owner of the Chicago Bulls and White Sox.

While Ice Edge has had the "edge" in negotiations, it can't seem to get its act together and provide a stable financial situation to prove that it can even afford the team and arena.

At this point, maybe moving the team isn't such a bad idea, after all?
It's not like the fans care that much anyway. Even after such a great season in the win/loss column that included a trip to the playoffs.

Shannon also reports that the team only has sold 1,800 season tickets so far, a far cry from what the team expected.

This one is on you, Yotes fans. Not supporting a team that has a chance to make some noise and even win their division screams fair-weather. Tickets aren't even that expensive compared to those of other teams.

No, this isn't Detroit or Chicago or San Jose, but the Yotes are a good hockey team. Fans should come to the arena and support the team.

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