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11 Phoenix Area Indie Restaurants Plan to Close Up Shop for Part of Summer

Phoenix might be the sixth-largest city in the nation, but when summer hits (and the unofficial worm-turner is usually the week after Mother's Day), the local restaurant business drops like a rock. Servers who were busting their butts and making bank a few months earlier slowly turn into coral reefs.

A handful of indie restaurants typically take a "why fight it?" stance, and close up shop for a few days, a few weeks, or even an entire month. The time off gives chefs a chance to relax, re-charge, and maybe even dream up a few new ideas.

If you thought the prospect of a long, hot summer looked dreary before ... take a look at the following list of restaurants, which will be closed for a time -- or open only on specific days -- this summer.

11. Binkley's Restaurant: July 1 through 31

10. Cork: July 1 through 31

9. Crudo: July 1 through 4

8. FnB: Open Thursday, Friday, and Saturday only, August 1 through 31

7. The House at Secret Garden: July 1 through 23

6. House of Tricks: July 1 through 31

5. Pizzeria Bianco: July 1 through 8

4. Posh: July 1 through 4

3. Quiessence: July 1 through 31

2. Rancho Pinot: July 1 through 31

1. Razz's Restaurant: June 17 -- until school starts around mid-August

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