4 Favorite Breakfast Spots Near Your Favorite Metro Phoenix Trails

There is no greater pleasure in life than waking up early on a cool Phoenix morning, walking around on a mountain for a few hours, eating your weight in breakfast food, and then taking a long, delicious nap. Here are a few awesome breakfast spots, near some of our favorite hiking trails. You'll have to supply the nap yourself.

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Camelback Mountain: Chestnut Fine Foods and Provisions

This little spot at the corner of 44th street and Camelback Road has won our hearts. The interior is undeniably adorable; each design element is deliberate, from the daffodil yellow rotary phone on the wall to the baskets of Camelback Flowershop bouquets lining the counter. The food is equally well-crafted, and their breakfast menu allows you to be just as naughty or nice as you'd like after your morning exercise. For a lighter (but still delicious) option, try the housemade granola. Layers of ripe, honeyed fruit top this nutty, slightly chewy granola and orange-infused yogurt. Fresh orange zest and ribbons of basil add a fresh and unexpected flair to the dish.

Piestewa Peak: Luci's Healthy Marketplace

Luci's provides just the kind of casual atmosphere we want after getting sweaty on the trails, and plenty of great food too. One part general store, one part high-end grocery, and one-part relaxed dining, this market does it all and does it well. Breakfast options range from the ooey-gooey Egg Sammie to the more heart-healthy Acai Superbowl. Bonus point: Luci's has a number of gluten-free breakfast options, including pancakes, waffles, and french toast, for all your intolerant friends.

Dreamy Draw Park: Scramble

Scramble, located at 7th Street and Mountain View, is a pretty straightforward concept. They do breakfast food, and they do breakfast food well. Friendly, fast service and a huge range of menu options make it a great option for groups, and their patio is dog friendly so your four-legged friends can join the fun too. Breakfast pizzas (or "Brizzas") are a unique menu item offered by Scramble. These flatbreads are topped with hollandaise sauce, eggs, and a variety of toppings, so you can have pizza anytime. If that seems a bit exotic, don't worry- they've got plenty of standard options to choose from as well.

South Mountain: Welcome Chicken and Donuts

The hard work is over, so treat yourself to some fried chicken and fancy-ass donuts. Welcome Chicken and Donuts has quickly risen as a Chow Bella favorite as a result of their innovative flavor combinations and masterful chicken capabilities. The apple fritter with cheddar cheese has us wrapped around its little finger, and if you follow it with some cucumber salad you can totally tell your friends you had cucumbers and apples as your after-hike snack. Go ahead tiger, you deserve it.

Now let's go see about that nap.

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