4 Metro Phoenix Restaurants Scored a "D" from the County Health Department in October

The good news is that there were very few eateries that scored poorly on health inspections last month. In fact, we saw a lot of "A" ratings looking through the inspection list. Though many local spots have either kept high standards or cleaned up since their last health inspector visit, there were still a few spots that could brush up on their food safety knowledge or even just their restaurants cleanliness in general.

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El Ranchero Mexican Grill, Chandler "Observed an employee touching ready-to-eat chili reianos [sic] with her bare hands. Employee washed her hands and donned gloves at the time of inspection."

Carniceria Castillo, Phoenix "The stove hood in the back of facility found with large accumulation of dripping grease on the fire suppression plumbing lines, the hood panels, the light bulb covers, and the outer hang-down hood cover as well."

Copper Canyon Golf Club, 26577 West Desert Vista Boulevard, Buckeye "Observed cooked pork (per employee pork was cooked last night) that was reheated and being placed in steam table to have an internal temperature measured to be 78-106°F. Had employee reheat cooked pork to at least 165°F prior to putting item in steam table."

Subway, 4539 East Thomas Road, Suite 101, Phoenix "Noted no current employee has a Certified Food Manager license - no documentation, violations were present during inspection, and person in charge was unable to answer food safety questions."

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