9 Metro Phoenix Restaurants Scored a "D" from the County Health Department in February

We're sad to say there were quite a few restaurants that didn't pass their county health inspections this month. Sure, the majority of restaurants scored an "A" on their inspections, but these nine spots had some trouble. And while some of the violations may not sound so offensive, many of the mistakes that landed restaurants on this list are considered priority violations, or ones that "directly contributes to increasing the risk of foodborne illness or injury."

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Kincaids Restaurant, Phoenix

"During the time on the inspection there were raw shrimp over lemons and apples in the reach- in cooler on line. The items were stored correctly."

Jumbo Buffet, Phoenix

"Three boxes of cabbage heads found underneath the prep table located next to the drying racks of the warewashing machine were found severely molded. Items were embargoed."

Los Rubios, Gilbert

"PIC [person in charge] does not demonstrate sufficient knowledge to operate food establishment properly, and without continually putting customers at risk for violations in 'critical' food code categories ranked as priority and priority foundation; especially those relating to avoiding improper cold holding, proper cooling of cooked food items, and safe hot holding procedures and temperatures."

Ishtar Market, Phoenix

"Observed cockroaches both adults and juveniles in meat preparation area."

Two Hippies Beach House, Phoenix (501 E. Camelback Road)

"In reach-in refrigerator raw fish and raw eggs were being stored over peppers, cheese, and hot dogs."

Frys Food Store, Phoenix (744 W. Camelback Road)

"In deli meat case, chipotle chicken breast and sweet sliced ham with a discard date of the previous day, 2/9."

Rancho Grande Market, Mesa

"The following foods still in case with following dates Milanesa 1/28, chivo 2/4, and relleno 1/29 all embargoed."

Frys Signature Store, Scottsdale (20427 N. Hayden Road)

"After handling raw chicken with bare hands, worker reached into a box of clean gloves without first washing his hands. He then continued to work with the raw chicken."

Wendy's, Gilbert (875 S. Val Vista Drive)

"Employee on grill line handling raw chicken products, then went to handle raw beef products without washing hands between. Same employee handling both raw chicken and beef products then handling clean equipment and ready to eat food items without washing hands."

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