List of Lists: The Best Comfort Foods in Phoenix

Comfort foods for your upcoming weekend.
Comfort foods for your upcoming weekend. Allison Young
It's the weekend and there's nothing more exciting than exploring the town, looking for new restaurants and trying old favorites. From favorite starters like wings and fried cheese curds to a dish of flavorful biryani or basket of fried chicken, these are some of the best comfort foods in the Valley.

And whether you consider them a breakfast food, afternoon snack, or late-night excess to pack in some sugar, we have a colorful list of the best doughnuts in town. Read on for fried favorites and extra hot appetizers.

There's so much good fried chicken in this town. - JIM LOUVAU
There's so much good fried chicken in this town.
Jim Louvau
11 Best Fried Chicken Joints in the Valley
You might not realize it, but we bet you could go for a plate of fried chicken right now. For many of us, it's impossible not to enjoy a well-prepared plate of fried chicken. There's something deeply satisfying about picking up a piece of crispy meat that's covered in a crunchy, salty batter. Maybe it's the combination of grease and meat and eating with your hands. In any case, the bottom line is that good fried chicken is always good. And here are some of the best places in the Valley to get it.

Creme Brûlée donut, where have you been all our lives? - ALLISON YOUNG
Creme Brûlée donut, where have you been all our lives?
Allison Young
The 10 Best Doughnuts in Metro Phoenix
There are doughnuts, as in the convenience store kind, and then there are doughnuts — as in sweet rings of deep-fried dough. Well, doing doughnuts in the Valley just got a lot more fun thanks to an influx of ingenious flavors and doughnut slingers unafraid to think outside the box. Not that we’re knocking apple fritters (as if!), but with crème brulee and kronuts calling your name, the Valley is raising its doughnut game.

13 Best Spots for Wings in Metro Phoenix
Wings are the kind of seductive comfort food that hit the spot just about every time. We have with a wealth of strong wing options here in the Valley. With so many fantastic bars, grills, pubs, and restaurants to choose from, it can be hard to know where to go to get a spicy fix. We're here to help. Use this blueprint when you're hankering to chomp into an order of fried or grilled chicken beauties. From Buffalo-style classics to fresh Vietnamese and Indian takes, here are 13 of our favorite wing orders in metro Phoenix.

Here's where to find fried cheese curds across metro Phoenix. - COURTESY OF ROCKET BURGER & SUBS
Here's where to find fried cheese curds across metro Phoenix.
Courtesy of Rocket Burger & Subs
10 Places in Metro Phoenix Where Curd Is the Word
Usually brought to you in baskets, deep-fried, and accompanied by a side of ranch, cheese curds can be irresistible. This piping hot appetizer or side also can be served deliciously cold as little pops of cheese. You can buy them retail at local spots like Arizona Cheese Co. and Milk N More, both in Tempe. But sometimes, you just want to sit and enjoy immediately. Here are 10 places across metro Phoenix where the curd is the word.

5 Spots to Indulge in Biryani Around the Valley
Locals don't need to travel far in Phoenix to experience biryani — the classic Indian fluffy rice dish. Every restaurant and household cook has their version of the meal, which reflects flavors of a particular region. Biryani is a colorful and complicated dish, and Phoenicians are lucky to have access to local spots to satisfy their curiosity. Here are a few Valley options for the novice or experienced biryani connoisseur.
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