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Amy and Samy Bouzaglo of Amy's Baking Company Named Two of America's Worst Bosses of 2013: Here's the Surprising Part

Amy and Samy Bouzaglo of the infamous Amy's Baking Company in Scottsdale continue to shrivel the soul of society by being named two of America's Worst Bosses of 2013 by eBossWatch, an online career resource that enables people to anonymously rate their bosses and evaluate potential employers.

With a laundry list of restaurant owner WTFs that included taking tips from servers, firing a waitress on national television and calling her a "poisonous little viper", and allegedly making employees sign a legally binding work contract complete with "possible monetary penalties", the fact that the Bouzaglos made the list can be summed up in two words: No shit. Or, in cat: Meow, meow.

But here's the surprising part.

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Chosen by a panel of workplace experts who selected and ranked the worst bosses from across the nation, the eBossWatch Worst Bosses list, its fifth, named 50 managers who "were named in workplace lawsuits filed by their employees or were accused of workplace harassment and/or sexual harassment, discrimination, retaliation, and/or creating a hostile work environment."

Here's a little of what eBossWatch had to say about the Bouzaglos' management style:

"After watching the Amy's Baking Company Kitchen Nightmares episode, it quickly became clear why, according to Amy and Samy, they have gone through 'hundreds' of employees. Workplace bullying was one of the main ingredients that the owners displayed during much of the show."

The surprising part? The Bouzaglos were ranked sixth on the list, beaten by former San Diego mayor Bob Filner, the general manager of a Florida travel agency, a deputy warden at Rikers Island, the owner of an oil company in New Hampshire, and the president of a Syracuse mortuary school.

All this means that there are, apparently, five more horrible places in this country to work than Amy's Baking Company. But at least the Bouzaglos can take some shit-show pride in the fact that they're the only Arizona bosses to make the list.

The eBossWatch website goes on to say that, to date, the "2013 America's Worst Bosses have cost their employers over $52 million in monetary damages and lawsuit settlement payments. Of this amount, the 33 public sector bosses have cost their respective taxpayers over $21 million."

To see the full eBossWatch list of America's Worst Bosses 2013, go to their website.

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Laura Hahnefeld
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