BLD's Dinner Menu Gets A Makeover

Two-month old BLD in Chandler unveiled its new streamlined dinner menu today to its adoring Facebook fans. We took a look and noticed one important thing missing -- the charcuterie plate.

Just last week we raved about the tender meat that graced the appetizer platter and now it's gone.

"We've listened to every comment, examined each email and read all reviews to help shape the new dinner menu," BLD reported, upon the new menu's release 

Apparently, ours didn't count.

Other items absent from the menu: 
      - Sandwiches -- all of them
      - Build Your Own Burger
      - More then half of the sides, including the mac & cheese (fine by us!)

The smaller dinner menu now has a few more pasta dishes and and the Build-Your-Own Entree section has been cut down to sounds like a more manageable 12 items.

We are happy to see that the mouthwatering cheese-topped meatloaf, the prosciutto salad with fried goat cheese and the decadent rocky road bread pudding all made the cut. 

Now give us that meat plate and we'll be back in business.

Click here to sneak a peek at the new menu.

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