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Braised Leeks Back on the Menu at FnB

If you think leeks could never be special enough to win an award, you're wrong. And you've clearly never tasted the braised leeks at FnB. Not only did the dish receive the New Times' Best Way to Eat your Veggies in 2011, but in 2010, it was named one of the 10 Best Restaurant Dishes by Food & Wine Magazine. These leeks have such a following that when the restaurant tweeted that they were coming off the menu due to seasonal availability, a crowd of 40 people showed up that last night to get their veggie fix.

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Now that leeks are back in season, this famous dish is back on the menu. What makes it so delicious that people obsess over getting a taste? First, these leeks are braised in lemon and thyme. That may be simple in theory, but this gratin becomes something glorious thanks to mustard breadcrumbs, a mantle of rich, buttery, melted housemade mozzarella, and a fried egg that covers everything with a luscious sauce of yolk. Hungry yet?

In case you still don't understand how glorious FnB's braised leeks are, download the musical tribute to them. Yes, they have their own song. Can that be said about any other restaurant menu item? Doubtful. Co-owner Pavle Milic create this ode to leeks in Songify, and we warn you: do not listen to it if you are already hungry because you will suddenly find yourself famished and craving nothing but leeks.

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