Chef Christine Boerner's Rose Truffle

This week we've been talking with Chef Christine Boerner of The Baker's Daughter. A chocolatier and pastry chef, Christine told us earlier how much it takes for her to get ready for the most chocolate-y of all holidays: Valentine's Day. Today, she gives us a peak at her recipe for Rose Truffle.

Rose Truffle

Makes about 240-250 truffles

300 grams of milk 50 grams of OP Rose (I buy loose-leaf teas. I use a local supplier, Souvia.)

Bring to a boil and let sit for 11 minutes Press out, drain tealeaves and really press out all flavor/water

Mix 150-gram gianduja (a hazelnut paste) 50 grams hazelnut 50 grams sugar 50 grams dark chocolate Puree all ingredients until it forms peanut butter-like consistency

Zest two grapefruits and juice two grapefruits (should make about 150-160 grams of juice) Mix with gianduja

Cook milk with rose essence and add gianduja-grapefruit paste Boil together Add 450 grams milk chocolate and 100 grams of butter, stirring in slowly

Let rose ganache cool in triangular forms overnight

Hand dip in chocolate

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