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Chef Eddie Matney of Scottsdale's Eddie's House Arrested for Marijuana Possession

Looks like longtime Valley chef Eddie Matney may be in more hot water than anything he'll cook up at his five-year-old restaurant, Eddie's House, in Scottsdale.

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The colorful, big-hearted chef, admired by many in the industry, has been arrested for, among other things, ABC 15 reports, possession of marijuana.

According to ABC 15, Scottsdale police spokesman Dave Pubins confirmed that Matney was taken into custody on Monday, May 20, after police found marijuana in his vehicle following a post-noontime stop near 68th Street and Camelback Road for a partially obscured license plate.

ABC 15 goes on to report that a police check "showed both Matney's registration and his driving privileges to be suspended," that the marijuana was found in the car prior to it being towed, and that Matney was arrested for possession of marijuana, drug paraphernalia, and driving on a suspended license.

According to ABC 15, Matney recently issued the following statement:

"I was pulled over for a traffic infraction last week. A very small amount of marijuana was found with fishing equipment. I don't have any further comment besides apologizing for the distraction this has caused."

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